Does Your Life Have The Infrastructure For Success?

When you think of an extremely successful person you’d like to emulate - what’s your first guess as to how they got there? Is it something innate in them or something they’ve learned along the way? Is Lebron James genetically stronger or more coordinated than everyone else? Are Chris Sacca or Marc Andreesen naturally smarter than other investors?  Do Phillipe Starck and Yves Béhar somehow see the world differently than the rest of us? If it all comes down to genetics, how can we ever hope to compete? 

Well my guess is that it’s a number of factors, but chances are, the people I mentioned above (and whoever else you think of as top performers) do have something in common.  They have a team of people helping them. Whether it’s physically, emotionally, or mentally, they have people pushing and supporting them as they achieve their best. It’s no wonder they’re able to achieve so much.

So the next question is... why don’t you?

My old answer to this would have been that I don’t need help. I can do it on my own! This is a motivating, but often insidious idea in our culture that leads us to believe that hard work will save us. If you work hard, you’ll get a good job, you’ll excel, you’ll make money, and you’ll be successful. But there’s a lot of people out there who are working very hard at a good job who aren’t happy. There are wealthy and successful people struggling too. While the “work hard & embrace suffering" mindset can help you re-frame long hours and stress rollercoasters as a necessary part of your journey, it can also be limiting because it seemingly puts everything on your shoulders. 

We all know that we accomplish more together than apart. So why don’t we take advantage of that in our own lives?

Having a team of people dedicated to seeing you succeed is the embodiment of this idea. If WE can do more together, then YOU can do more if you become a WE. I say this now because I have a team of people around me - a hypnotherapist (my partner), a counselor, a productivity coach, a CrossFit community, and an accountability partner - that help me stay sane, gain perspective, maintain good habits, stay fit, and be more productive than I ever thought I could. The impact to my life has been incredibly positive and helped me shed labels about myself that I held onto for a long time.

While I’m lucky enough to be able to afford / barter for that support, there’s plenty of support out there in friends and family. There are websites dedicated to self-help and forums of people who are probably going through what you’re going through. There are friends who would happily help support you and hold you accountable if you’d just ask.

You’ll be amazed at what having this community will allow you to accomplish.