What's Your Altitude? Strategies for Communication

What's Your Altitude? Strategies for Communication

I was in a meeting with my co-worker Will the other day, and I felt a growing frustration. As he talked about one idea after another, products we COULD sell and features we COULD add, I was thinking about how much work was involved, how we were potentially changing the focus of the company, would need to hire new people, and more. We needed to change to grow, but I was instantly resistant. Objectively everything he was saying was appropriate... so why was I getting so worked up? 

Guided Meditation for Creatives

A teacher of mine once told me that creativity, healing and sexuality were the same substance. We separate them conceptually and linguistically because we have to, but they are in essence the same. He gave examples; the best doctors always employ creative approaches to health and healing. If I cut my hand, new skin is literally created to heal the wound. A powerful creative process is intensely alive. Sometimes referred to as flow states, the catharsis of art and expression is obviously healthy. He described sexuality in this context not as the images in advertising and television, but as "life force", our vitality and ability to procreate.

Though I was told this long before I was a hypnotherapist practicing full time, the idea stayed with me and I now believe I've witnessed this intersection of forces countless times. It started for me with designers... During an exercise called the "metaphoric two-step", I sometimes ask my clients to imagine a feeling as a thing or object. Particularly if it's a negative emotion, I'll ask them "what do we need to do with it?" When they have their answer I'll ask them to go through that process in the imagination, staying with the senses as they interact with the object. Invariably, this creates shifts. The thing or object has become a symbol for the feeling and they are linked so that if one changes, the other does too... After doing this enough I was left wondering what this would be like for designers, as the images in their heads are their most fundamental tools. 

I began offering Tools of the Mind for Designers, a workshop held at the Shillington School in conjunction with Dailey Crafton and Cindy Rodriguez of Lockstep Studios. (Will insert links) This eventually turned into Guided Meditation for Designers which was a traveling series that ended up in Dailey and Cindy's backyard in Williamsburg. Serving a homespun group of designers and artists, we would talk and meditate together outside on summer mornings. It was beautiful. As the event grew and changed, so did the scope of the subject matter. It naturally extended beyond design and into all forms of art and creative thought. 

I've come to believe that the imagination is the unsung hero of all therapies. Without it we cannot ask "what will life will be like after x?" How does it feel after you pass through fear? How does it feel after one overcomes anxiety, stress, depression or any of the other negative forces which will probably be experienced at some point or another through life? How do we know when we're healing and does it take a doctor or authority figure to give us permission to heal? To explore these questions and close these gaps in understanding, we're offering Guided Meditation for Creatives. a series of events that use meditation as a basis to explore the mind and how to use it. We believe every human is creative, whether they know it or not. Through enriching conversation with good company and the natural restoration of meditation, this awareness can naturally rise.

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Venue: The One Club   MAP
260 5th Avenue, 2nd Floor
(between 28th & 29th St)
New York, NY

Conversation: 6:00 pm - 6:20 pm
Meditation: 6:20 pm - 6:40 pm
Observation: 6:40 pm - 7:00 pm
Snacks & Networking: 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

$5 donation to attend
Pay in advance HERE or pay at the door upon arrival.


Mindfulness - What You’re Not Thinking About

Study after study shows that mindfulness rewires our brainsde-stresses usboosts our immune systemhelps us focus and more. Behind exercise, mindfulness (and more broadly meditation) might be the second closest thing we have to a cure-all. While the benefits of mindfulness continue to be studied there’s one thing I’ve not heard others discussing that I think is incredibly relevant... What you’re not thinking about.

Does Your Life Have The Infrastructure For Success?

Does Your Life Have The Infrastructure For Success?

If you work hard, you’ll get a good job, you’ll excel, you’ll make money, and you’ll be successful. Then why are there so many people with good jobs and wealth that are unhappy? Why are there so many who work hard just to barely get by. There's another ingredient that we all need to help us get where we want to go, and beyond. 


In Philippe Parreno’s ‘H{N)Y P N(Y}OSIS,’ everything is entrancing. The place itself is so dramatic and impressive, it puts you in a state. The lights, sounds and images used by Parreno that follow walk you through a series of hypnotic inductions. I could feel the fundamentals of how my states alter being played like strings. To say "I enjoyed it" would be reductive. More accurately, I experienced it. That's a compliment

Interrupt Our Story

Hello and welcome to our blog! We thought we'd start off with an introduction to how Dan & I met (and came up with Interrupt). 

In late 2014, I (Andrew) was struggling.

After a decade of successfully launching new products/companies across the US, I hit a wall. Long hours as Head of Marketing at a growing NYC startup left me with little energy for anything else. My boss and I didn’t see eye to eye, I struggled to keep up with the workload and I was finding it hard to manage my team.

I reached out for help, and was introduced to a hypnotherapist named Dan.

I described to Dan the depression and frustrations I was struggling with. He listened to what I had to say, asked me how I wanted to feel, and then had me lie back and close my eyes. I didn't know what to expect at first, but as we walked through different visualizations and exercises I noticed things starting to shift.

I left that day feeling very relaxed and curious what was going to happen next.

The day after my second session I walked into work and sat down at my desk. I felt lighter, as if I had taken off an 80lb backpack of stress & heavy emotions. After months, I was able to laugh with co-workers, focus and feel optimistic. It was such a dramatic change that I wrote him an email immediately asking what he had done. 

Discovering this new tool to "hack" my brain, I continued seeing Dan to work on motivation, concentration, time management, and positivity. As sessions continued, I became fascinated by the “change work” we were doing. I left my job, began studying different therapeutic techniques and learning about the brain, coaching, and meditation. It felt like the right path.

After years of accepting my struggles as simply part of me or part of work, I discovered another way. I wanted to bring these ideas & techniques into other workplaces and show people that relaxation, ease and positive states are always available, even in high pressure situations.

So, Dan & I created Interrupt.